Nutool (Irrigation/ Pouring of medicated water)

Among all the regimental therapies prescribed by Unani scholars, Nutool is a novel method in which water, oil or medicated decoction is poured from a height over specific sites of body in certain diseases. 
In this procedure the affected or diseased part of the body is washed by a stream of water or medicated decoction from a prescribed height. 
Nutool (Irrigation/ Pouring of medicated water) is done to accelerate the process of Ikhraaj-e-mawaad-e- faasida (evacuation of morbid materials) and Ta’deel-e- mizaaj-e- a’aza (normalization of temperament of organs) by altering the temperament of an organ (Tabdeel-e-Mizaj-e- a’za) and by improving the defense mechanism of body (Quwat-e – mudafi’at). It also enhances the local absorption of medicines thus helps in getting the desired action of medicine locally. 
Classification of Nutool (Irrigation/ Pouring of medicated water)
Depending upon the nature of liquid used for desired actions, Nutool has been broadly divided into two types; 
  • Nutool-e- Haar
  • Nutool-e- Baarid 
Nutool is effective in relieving chronic diseases, pains and stiffness of various types, in the treatment of arthritis (Waja- ul mafasil), migrane (Shaqeeqa), meningitis (waram-e- nukhaá) and mastitis (waram-e- sadi). 
The objectives of performing Nutool are:
  • To disperse the matter from affected part
  • To alter the temperamental state of the organ
  • To achieve the astringent effect
  • To relieve several chronic diseases, pains and stiffness of various types
Nutool is found to be very effective in the treatment of several chronic diseases like paralysis (Faalij), sinusitis (Waram-e- tajaweef-e- anaf), headache (Sudaa), salpingitis, arthritis (Waja-ul- mafasil), mastitis (Waram-e- sadi), sleeplessness, stroke (Sakta), retention of urine (ehtibaas-e- baul), migraine (Shaqiqah), endometritis (Waram-e- reham), meningitis (Sarsaam), depression, tension, polio and even certain mental disorders.

  • PUBLISHED DATE : Sep 19, 2015
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Sep 19, 2015


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