Idrar-e- baul (Diuresis)

Idrar-e-baul (Diuresis) or increased excretion of urine is one of the important processes used in regimental therapy for the evacuation and excretion of waste products and poisonous substances excreted through urine.
For the purpose of diuresis some specific methods as well as diuretic drugs have been mentioned in classical Unani literature.
The main objectives of Idrar-e- baul (Diuresis) are:

  • To excrete poisonous matters, waste products and excess of humours (akhlaat) in the body through urine.
  • To purify the blood and evacuate deranged humours
  • To cure diseases such as hypertension, some other diseases of heart and some hepatic ailments
  • To treat certain pulmonary diseases and renal disorders