Halitosis (Bakhr-ul- Fam)

Halitosis (Bakhr-ul- Fam)


Oral diseases have gained an importance and are considered as a major public health problem worldwide in recent times. Halitosis (Bad breath), Oral cancer, dental caries and periodontal diseases are among the most important global oral health chalenges. Although new treatments and technologies for dealing with them are plentiful, nonetheless more and more patients are now looking for simpler, gentler therapies for improving the quality of life and avoiding iatrogenic problems.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis (Bakhr-ul- Fam), is a symptom in which a noticeably unpleasant breath odour is present. It can result in anxiety among those affected. It is also associated with depression and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

In other words Halitosis (Bakhr-ul- Fam) is a condition in which bad smell arises from mouth and nose. It is caused by infection within gums and teeth (Afoonat-e- Lissa wa Asnaan), Hot morbid temperament (Su-e- Mizaj Haar) of oral cavity, accumulation of bilious and phlegmatic humours in stomach, Afoonat-e Riya (Lung infections) and Qurooh-e- Riya (Lung ulcers).

It is characterized by bad breath and may be accompanied with features related to diseases of gums, teeth, stomach and lungs as per the causative factors.

In developing country like India, continuous increase in oral health disease has aroused as one of the important public health problem. Many oral diseases occur due to bacterial infections. Various medicinal plants with antibacterial activity contain potential bioactive compounds which help to minimize bacterial load in the mouth and prevent occurrence of dental plaque, caries and ulcers.

Management’ Treatment

The role of Unani medicine in the management of oral health and hygiene has a long history worldwide. Unani medicines are easily accessible, cheaper and relatively safer than other conventional medicines. Unani single drugs as well as compound formulations indicated in Unani material medica have been proven effective and safe. The exploration and identification of various botanicals used in Unani system of medicine, may lead to development of novel preventive or therapeutic strategies for oral health.

Principles of Treatment (Usool-e- Ilaj)

  • To remove the causative factor (Izala-e- Sabab)

Ilaj Bil Dawa (Pharmacotherapy)

Unani drugs are easily accessible, cheaper and relatively safer than other conventional medicines. Hence, the search for alternative products continues and natural phytochemicals isolated from plants used in traditional medicine are considered as good alternatives to synthetic chemicals.

By considering the importance of various traditional or complementary alternative medical systems (CAM), In the current article, I have reviewed and tried to explore the role of Unani system of medicine. Both single as well as compound formulations available in the treatise of Unani system of medicine. Few of them are mentioned as under.

  • Oral administration of fresh fresh zard Aloo (Prunus arminiaca Linn.).
  • Cleansing of teeth (Tanqiya-e- Asnaan) with vinegar and water
  • Oral administration of decanted water of Tamar Hindi (Tamaridus indicus Linn.) and Sheera-e- Zarishk (Berberis vulgaris DC.) with Sharbat-e- Anar Shirin and Sikanjabeen.
  • Mazmaza (Mouth wash) with Khall-ul- Unsul.
  • Mazmaza (Mouth wash) with Arq-e- Gulab mixed with vinegar.
  • Local application of honey.

Regimental Therapy (Ilaj bil Tadbeer)

  • Ishal (Purgation) if the case is related to stomach
  • Qay (Emesis) if the case is related to stomach
  • Bloodletting through superior and inferior labial veins (Fasd-e- Chahaar Rag) if gums are involved

Dietary Recommendations

  • Aghziya Lateefa

Dietary Restrictions

  • Meat
  • Sweet dishes
  • Milk
  • Aghziya Saqila
  • Aghziya Murattiba
  • Aghziya Muwallid-e- Balgham (Phlegm producing diets)

Tahaffuz (Prevention/ Precaution)

  • Avoid tobacco chewing
  • Oral hygiene to be maintained


  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Kidney Function Test (KFT)
  • Liver Function Test (LFT)
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Blood Sugar fasting and postprandial
  • Ultrasonography whole abdomen (USG- Whole abdomen)

Single Unani Drugs

  • Babool                         Acacia arabica Willd.
  • Asgand                        Withania somnifera Linn.
  • Mur Makki                  Myrtus communis Linn.
  • Kalonji                        Nigella sativa Linn.
  • Mastagi Rumi              Pistacia lentiscus Linn.
  • Gul-e- Surkh               Rosa damascene Mill.
  • Haldi                           Curcuma longa linn.
  • Heel khurd                  Elettaria cardamomum Maton.
  • Katha                          Acacia catechu willd.
  • Khulanjan                    Alpinia galanga(Linn.)Willd.
  • Kutki                           Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth.
  • Sambhaloo                  Vitex negundo Linn.
  • Buzidan                       Orchis laxiflora Lam. Syn. Orchis mascula Linn.
  • Miswak                       Salvadora persica
  • Haldi                           Curcuma longa
  • Anar                            Punica granatum Linn.
  • Aqarqarha                   Anacyclus pyrethrum DC.
  • Suddab                        Ruta graveolens Linn.
  • Neem                           Azadirachta indica A. Juss.
  • Amla                           Emblica Officinalis Linn.
  • Aqaqia                         Acacia arabica/ Acacia nillotica Willd.
  • Shahad                        Honey
  • Lehsun                        Allium sativum Linn.
  • Thyme                         Thymus vulgaris Linn.
  • Aspaghol                     Plantago ovata Forsk.
  • Zanjabil                       Zingiber officinale Linn.
  • Baboona                      Matricaria chamomilla Linn.
  • Laung                          Syzygium aromaticum Linn.
  • Bisbasa / Javitri           Myristica fragrans Houtt.

Compound Unani Formulations

  • Sunoon-e- Zard
  • Sunoon-e- Mulook
  • Suoon-e- Mujalli
  • Majoon Suranjan
  • Majoon Azaraqi
  • Habb-e- Gul-e- Aak 
  • Murabba-e- Zanjabeel
  • Murabba-e- Halayla
  • Itreefal Sagheer



  • Along with medicine the patients have to follow strict regimen as per the concept of Unani system. The patients are therefore, strongly advised to avoid self-medication.
  • They are advised to visit the nearest authorized Unani treatment centre for advice and treatment.

  • PUBLISHED DATE : Sep 03, 2019
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Sep 03, 2019


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