Unani Name

Gaozaban/ Lisan-us- Saur

Common Name

Sedge, Borage, Vipers Bugloss

Temperament of the Drug

(Hot 1° and Wet 1°)

Scientific Name/ Botanical Name

Onosma bracteatum Wall. Also known as Borago officinalis Linn.

Parts used

Flowers and Leaves

Actions/ Therapeutic Uses

Expectorant, Alterative, Anti-pyretic, Anti-spasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Demulcent, Diuretic, Pectoral, Refrigerant and Tonic. Beneficial in common cough and bronchitis, kidney ailments like kidney stones, fever, hypochondriasis, bronchitis, asthma, palpitation, gonorrhoea, syphilis, rheumatism, leprosy, stomach irritation, bladder irritation and strangury.

Important Formulations

Khamira Gaozaban Ambari, Khamira Gaozaban  Ambari Ba Nuskha Kalan, Arq-e- Amber, Arq-e- Ma-ul- Jubn, Dawal Misk Haar Sada, Dawaul Misk Mo'tadil, Dawaul Misk mo'tadil jawaharwali, Jawaarish Amla, Jawaarish Jalinus, Jaawarish Mastagi Kalan, Jawaarish Ood Shirin, Jawarish Safarjali Qabiz, Jawaarish Zar'uni Sada, Jawaarish Zar'unui Ambari Ba Nuskha Kalan, Khamira Aabresham sada, khamira Aabreshsm Shira-e- Unnabawala, Khamira Gaozaban, Ma'joon Muqawwi Wa Mumsik, Ma'joon Musli Pak, Ma’joon Dabeedul Ward, Mufarreh Mo'tadil, Mufarreh Yaquti mo'tadil, Naushadaroo-i-Lului, Rubb-e-Behi, Rubb-e-Jamun, Rubb-e-Seb Shireen, Rubb-e-Toot Siyah, Ruh-e-Gaozaban, Sharbat-e- Abresham, Tiriyaaq-e-Samaania.


Flowers 3-5 gms.  Leaves 5-7 gms.




  • PUBLISHED DATE : Dec 08, 2015
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Feb 03, 2016


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